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This house especially favors philanthropy, so when it is lit up we have the desire to give back to people and the planet. Parties, weddings, family reunions, trade shows, seminars—anywhere people meet to share ideas, fun and their personal interests are found here. So October can be a busy time for you, archer. Things will be even more intense than usual as high octane Mars will be entering this zone on the 4th, its first visit here in two years.

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As a result, if you rely heavily on tech for your career, the next two months are awesome. Considering a blog, website or online store? Podcasts or a wicked social media campaign? But Mercury and Venus enter your secretive, quiet twelfth house early in the month. Mercury goes there on the 3rd followed by Venus on the 8th. This is where we go to rest and recharge our batteries.

What January's Sagittarius Horoscope Means for You

Physical healing is its province, so going on doctor appointments and undergoing medical procedures are advised if they are needed. The same holds true for healing your mind. This is why this month has two sides to it: a friendly, social one, but a private one as well. Romance could go in different directions in October; it really depends on what your love life was like before the month began. But if a relationship is good, then this lunation could make it even better! This is a terrific time to share your dreams and values with a lover so that you can get on the same page.

Be sure to be gentle with yourself! Again, money and security are big themes for you during Capricorn season, and this eclipse is a major element in placing you on the right path.

Making wise investments? Remember, you are doing your best to be mature and responsible, and that is awesome!

Even more transformation around these themes takes place this month as the sun meets Pluto on January 11, Mercury meets Saturn on January 13, and Mercury meets Pluto on January 18—changes are coming, and serious conversations will be had! An important contract may be drawn up. Lovely Venus enters your sign, Sagittarius, on January 7. You may have even contended with a secret crush! Your jovial nature is attractive to everyone, but especially so right now.

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Communication planet Mercury squares off with combative Mars on January 8, so watch out for arguments. The sun clashes with Uranus on January 18, bringing surprises and finding you in the mood to take a risk—again, gamble wisely, because this is such a sensitive time for you. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, clashes with Neptune on January 13 for the first of three times this year, which is sure to be intense, especially emotionally—so many shifts are taking place in your home and family life. This is a beautiful time to connect with your ancestors, and for any kind of spiritual work.

You can do your part by being clear about your needs and accepting to boundaries of others.

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Logical Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune on January 14, creating a sensitive and empathetic energy around communication, and Venus connects with Mars on January 18, which will be a very fun and flirtatious time to go out and enjoy yourself—definitely go on a date or stop by some parties! The gloom that may have been in the air will give way to an electric buzz, which will energize and excite you!

Venus squares Neptune on January 20, which will be complicated. Or you might find yourself in a funk, yet write the most beautiful poem you have ever tried your hand at. Venus loves to indulge, and when it squares off with Neptune—the planet of fantasy, the fantasies are bigger, and even better! Stay grounded, Sagittarius. Knowing what your values and boundaries are will make your life much easier this month. How you feel about relationships, money, and your home life—that's all very different now than it was even six months ago.

Do you even know , truly, what these differences are?